26 years ago (presumed?) this Uncle and Nephew duo shocked the world by filming, producing and starring in a sketch interview show called "The Nick and Bob Show" on Super 8 Format shown on a cable access channel  (it no longer exists so don't look for it) in a small beach town of Amity Massachusetts, Nobody knows for sure what happened as the town, the station and these precious tapes were destroyed by a great flood, fire and shark tsunami caused by alien forces that were investigated by Mulder and Scully and the guy who said during the 1986 World Series "IT GETS THROUGH BUCKNER!!!!"  ... all lost .. but the memories of those days remained strong until the technology of the world changed from recording on a 50lb video camera changed to a 10 oz smart phone and putting out a show for the world to hear became a reality once again .... 




Other than working for a large telecommunication and media conglomerate for 30 + years  Rob also has a 20+ year career as a mobile DJ and Karaoke Host with many stories to tell, a BBQ and Grill cooking competitor who has a few trophies under his belt

 and a Sports Cards and Comic Book collector and dealer with a lot of cards to sell and only a few people to collect. Rob resides somewhere near Boston and you can hear it in his voice when he shows off his homer tendencies regarding the Betrayal of Tom Brady and his loyal fans. 

Other than his day job as an essential, Nick is a self-proclaimed film critic who writes a successful movie blog: REELWATCHABILITY.COM as well as co-hosts on a popular Podcast TALKINGFLICK.COM.


As a guy who grew up on the East Coast loving his New England sports teams, I certainly have a tinge of Boston Sports fan to me. As a guy who was lucky enough to travel the world with the military and landed on the West Coast, my more laid back perspective lets me root for  Tom “GOAT” Brady and Mookie “future legend” Betts while also remaining a true fan to my home teams. I wake up each day asking a practical question…