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Who Wants to Buy Sports Cards as an investment?

So you want to save for your future, sure there are conventional ways to save, piggy banks, big banks, mattresses, coffee cans, 401k, saving coins in a bucket, Treasury Bonds and collectibles, this time around that collectible is sports cards, made by the big boys, Topps and Panini .. followed by the lesser knows but former titans, Upper Deck, Leaf and Fleer. Sure there are names you remember from your youth still out there Donruss, Score, Bowman .. they are there and they are strong .. but who do you collect? Who do you think is going to stand the test of time going forward .. for me, standing the test of time for guys to collect in baseball are Greg Maddux, Cal Ripken Jr, Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, Basket ball it's Magic, Larry and Michael, Shaq and Kobe(R.I.P) in Hockey, it's Howe, Hull, Orr, Gretzky and Lemieux.. in football .. it's one man .. the GOAT ... Tom FN Brady ... sure there are other people out there in the NFL commanding big bucks still to this day, but none with his numbers, nobody with his longevity and his constant drinking from the fountain of youth .. he is an asshole and a hero all wrapped in one .. to date 7 Lombardi trophy's hoisted .. and his rookie cards if you were lucky to get them early on or smart to take advantage of the time when everybody was writing him off and you got his cards at low end prices ... well start laughing at those haters now ... there's a new card sheriff in town (no offense Peyton Manning) and Tom Brady rookie cards and pretty much any of his inserts and low number gems out there have become so sought after that his return numbers on the investment have gone up 1000% (i know that's not a true number, or is it?) .. so going forward who do you go for now? the choices are definitely who you like. but here are some names to consider, buy now, find a deal though, don't go crazy and blow through your paychecks, use your prized finds to sell or trade and go for what you want.

Now many people out there have seen the media on the 2020 card boom.. brought on by celebrity names who have more money to waste and aren't collecting for themselves but for the publicity... sure spend 5 million dollars on a Mantle Card, sure Pull a rare 1 of 1 of Tom Brady out of a product that retails for $12,000 a case or $2500 a box ..don't catch that hype, collect for you, don't go over your head don't buy boxes of randomness off of ebay don't fall into the trap of having to buy various packs of crap to get one card. Do you. Go to yard sales and ask if they have cards, go to flea markets or resale stores see if they have cards, but don't just buy to buy, buy smart and by once again,... for you.

I'm asked who are the people to collect now .. I'll give you some names and do your research before you go looking. Mahomes, Tatis Jr, Tatum, Alfonso, Wilson, E2W Elite Rob and Nick Podcast Tag Team of the decade.

And finally, if you're going to collect, please have fun, It can get overwhelming, but if it's done right it can be something you can pass along to your kids or your favorite family members. If you're going to turn it into a business, continue to have fun with it, just don't gfo into business with a family member..

Rob AKA Uncle Bookie is a contributing member of the E2W podcast. He once had over 20,000 BILLY RIPKEN bat knob cards and all the variations of it.


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