Sinatra: More than just "The Voice"

Francis Albert Sinatra ... Ole Blue Eyes, was more than just the Voice, with millions of screaming female fans he was ahead of his time and set the bar for all that came after him from Elvis to Usher to The Jonas Brothers to the heartthrobs of the future, more than just a singing voice he believed in the equality in that there was no black or white, Italian, Jewish or Polish, if you were talented you were just that an Entertainer, Frank Sinatra made sure of that, from once threatening to shut down Vegas because of the unjust treatment of his fellow entertainers and them not getting the same hotels as he was getting here's an example Sinatra played a major role in the desegregation of the Las Vegas, Nevada hotels and casinos in the 50's and 60's.

At the Sands, Sinatra went against policy by inviting Nat King Cole into the dining room, and in the early 60's after an incident where an African-American couple entered the lobby of the hotel and were blocked by the security guard, Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. forced the hotel management to begin hiring African American employees.

Like I said he was more than just the voice he was a man who believed that everybody was equal. So folks, if you're ever out looking for something to watch, check out Frank Sinatra All or Nothing at all on Netflix, a little over 4 hours isn't enough time to cover his life, but it'll give you a good look at a career that spanned a little over six decades, if more people today took the attitude of Frank Sinatra, the world would be a much better place let's just hope that, The Best is Yet To Come ....

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